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Unity web player size

unity web player size

Install now!" /a /div /div /div /body /html From various alert s in the code, I can verify that ResizeUnity is being called when I change the size of the window.
Unity3d winWidth, winHeight, params - /script style type"text/css"!- div#unityPlayer cursor: default; height: 100; width: 100; - /style /head body margin"0" marginwidth"0" marginheight"0" scroll"no" onResize"ResizeUnity div class"content" div id"unityPlayer" div class"missing" a href"m/webplayer title"Unity Web Player.
"undefined return tObjectById unityPlayer return null; function ResizeUnity /This function properly assigns innerWidth and Height to winWidth and winHeight GetWindowSize var unity GetUnity if(unity!
But, no matter what I do to the browser window, the Unity WebPlayer object stays the same size it was when it was loaded."undefined GetWindowSize /This replaces the unityPlayer div below with an actual WebPlayer object "WebPlayer.Search Unity, a Unity ID allows you to buy and/or subscribe to Unity products and services, shop in the Asset Store and participate in the Unity community.I'm trying to get a Unity WebPlayer control to resize when the browser is resized.1 comment, built a tool for creating node-based maps 1 comment, the 10 best #UnityTips shared by urgentrecovery professional 3.2 full the indiedev community on Twitter this week hand-picked.Metadata, hi there, Ive published my game today on Kongregate and noticed that I cant edit the size of the player any more.2 3 comments, save current gameObjects with Editor Script.4 4 comments, fight human trafficking in this Indie game, Mukti.Mar 31 2013 help unity3d, making the webplayer 100 width height: Publish your project to webplayer (default template).My first solo dev project.UI doubts - ugui / PowerUI / Coherent 82 10 comments 10 Hi-Quality Particle Effects Pack for Unity (Free) 2 6 comments, hTC Vive affecting Unity physics?Tags: 100, css, fullscreen, height, webplayer, width.Log in, create a Unity ID, language.I can verify that winWidth and winHeight are getting proper values assigned to them upon resizing.56 6 comments, built a space station generator for my VR survival game 3 14 comments.Comments, taught myself adventures in japanese 1 textbook programming, and Unity with this.Null) /This does not properly resize anything at all unity.Click Player settings, from panel Resolution presentation, you can pick the template: default.What am I doing wrong?File / Build Settings, select webplayer as platform, click Add current, if you havent added your scene to the build list yet.Or do I have to upload a new unity3d file?