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The wild bunch game

the wild bunch game

Using the same music track that I created the gun interlude with, I do a shorter version that is in keeping with the Spectrum.
28th September 2008 After a short absence due to work ff fontesque pro bold commitments I'm back on the project, the next port of call is the most exciting part - starting on the development of the gunfight sequence.
I also added in the elements to link in the gunfight within the main Basic source.Around 3 hours later after all the tweaking and testing I've got the music playing on the Story section, Map, when you lose/die and during the Journey.For this I'm using Total Edit as my IDE which is a cracking free text editor tool ideal for coding.Will be looking into this next time.I also created and added some extra nice sprite effects, but I'm not gonna reveal what they are.Everything else appears to work apart from when the gunfight sequence starts and crashes!It took a little while to get this fully working due to bugs etc, but once complete it has managed to crunch all the colour data down to under 1K!6th July 2008 Today it's back to the Audio side of things as we need some suitable jingles and sound effects for the poker game.Unfortunately I cant divulge any information as it'd spoil your fun, what I can say is that it has a nice animated end sequence with bitmapped graphics supplied by Kenz.The Wild Bunch promo was shown for the first time with much enthusiasm.I also tweak various pokes to graphic and sprite memory into reusable compact variables to improve on this further.2nd November 2008 Before I actually start coding the gunfight sequence it would help if I had all the sprites drawn for the outlaw!
Click here to download and listen to an mp3 snippet of this very track!