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The corridor horror game

the corridor horror game

The Corridor beta for Windows.
The Corridor is a free and short horror game that serves as testament to the power of the mind; with just a few well-placed sounds and a long, (mostly) empty series of corridors, a sense of immense dread takes over the player.
The developer states a full version of The Corridor will release between August and September, but players can get a good scare out of this current build.For a few terrifying minutes of play, check out.Only by delving deeper and deeper into the underground the player will manage to make sense of all hes experiencing.Its not to the faint of heart and its also more of a surreal experience than a game that will last in our memories, but as far as the fear factor goes, it sure ranks high amidst other freeware horror games.While the developer's website is in Russian, the game narrates in English (choose the top red button on the title screen) and should be played with a headset.Free Full PC Game Download (59 MB sonic heroes ultimate hack pack Download PC Game).You can download the game for free below.Its not a game per se, but more of an experience that wont last more than five minutes.The Corridor, players wake up from a sense of unexplained anxiety, leave their room, and find themselves in a dark, long hallway.The hotel slowly turns into an endless maze of walls that forebode something sinister.The Corridor is a first-person horror game.You can download the game for Free Here!When leaving their room they find themselves in a long, dark hallway.They then must go deeper into the darkness to escape.After the jump is a non-English playthrough, for those who prefer to watch instead of play.Is that bucket of ice really rune halls of valhalla patch worth leaving the security of your room?It seems to go on forever, and players must continue on in the darkness so that he might be able to escape.The more we walk, the stranger things become, up to a point where it doesnt seem like a hotel anymore, but a place of nightmares.If you enjoy The Corridor you should definitely try other horror games such.Playing with the not so uncommon fear of the hotels long hallways and deafening silence usually at night, The Corridor places players in a first-person view and manages to convey to us the anxiety that the main character talks about in the beginning of the.In Al-exe's first-person horror.