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Star wolves 2 mini patch

star wolves 2 mini patch

This update adds the following options to the base minecraft game: - 'Bee hell' nether textures for glowstone, glowstone dust, netherrack and soul sand - Golden lava option for MCPatcher, to match the 'Bee Hell' theme.
Added marble pillar option for dyed cloth and dyes.
2 styles of ender portal graphic - classic and cosmic.Zombies and Zombie Pigmen updated.4 compatibility.Categories in the customizer can now games brothersoft house dead be expanded or collapsed, super-option buttons are now available to do things like set all wood or stone options to a single colour or pre-load specific theme packs like the halloween gillette fusion power pack de 12 lames pack, and a password system has been introduced.Added zombie villager skins for all 6 villager types.6 variants on general knowledge 2013 pdf in tamil Wither - black and red classic skeleton, 3-eyed skeleton, and glowing eye skeleton.Buttons can now be placed on the top and bottom of blocks.13 styles of Eye of ender, including classic teal and purple eyes, basketball gag options, and several keys to match the various seals.Spiders no longer see players through solid blocks.New textures for Peaceful pack: 8 types of Spider Egg blocks.31 new lamp options.Extreme hills biomes now have snow at higher elevations, gravel, flat valleys near sea level and are slightly higher.Fixed issue with Autumn biome shaders not downloading properly.Flat tile and planetary-style lapis lazuli decorative blocks.Available this update is: - Fixed some ongoing minor GUI issues.Last minute touchups on creative inventory, search and allitems guis.80 total sprites for use in the 5 red sandstone textures, 20 each in yellow, red, orange and bluegrey sand.Objects - 8 styles of ender chest - purple and cyan eye chests in black, purple or magma obsidian, and marble chests with black or purple obsidian.Redrew cloth leg armor.Thank you again, everyone who made the telethon possible, and for your awesome suggestions and generous donations.Many existing blocks added as options for menu backgrounds.