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South park ipad episode

south park ipad episode

He murdered dozens of people while they were zombies and he didn't have to do that as all he had to do was kill Kenny.
Kitty and Fluffy have never been seen together in the series thus far.
While he's speaking figuratively, the audience and.
Even though he usually rips on Token for being black, and he said he is gonna kill Token someday - Christian Rock Hard he does not seem to harbor negative feelings for black people, and Cartman always says he is going to kill people,.In particular, in the episode " Poor and Stupid Kenny is shown to value nascar more than his friendship with Cartman, who was ruining nascar's image.Craig Cartman has no problem with fighting the other boys back physically (and it is revealed that Sumo is his martial book the red badge of courage art of choice).Address In the episode " Jakovasaurs Cartman's backpack is shown with a tag that reads:.Alignment Cartman is usually an orderly individual, while his goals are chaotic in nature, he obeys rules when they suit him, even using order to manipulate other people.The fact Cartman does this could indicate an unconscious sexual desire towards men (Ben Affleck in-particular in this case Cartman's extreme lengths to trick his friend (despite them not being present to witness the hand jobs, making the actions pointless in the grand scheme.In " Goobacks Cartman threatens Kyle and it leads to Kyle giving Cartman a bloody nose.Kitty whenever the cat attempts to get some of his food.In " I'm a Little Bit Country by filling his TiVo with the history channel and dropping it and himself into a pool, he able to travel back in time to 1776, where he is able to institute the American tradition of Ice Cream Thursdays.In " The Death of Eric Cartman when Butters asks him what if he's not supposed to go to Heaven, but to "heck Cartman responds " I'm not going to Heck, Butters!Vandalism : He mentions in " The Death of Eric Cartman " that he had broken a man's fence without telling him about.Indeed, the others consistently show a willingness to follow him and trust in his leadership when he's using his abilities for "good." Cartman also seems to share many of the shows creators' (Trey Parker and Matt Stone) more controversial opinions, despite both of them modeling.In the episode " Lil' Crime Stoppers Cartman defends Kyle saying, "Broflovski's a good cop!" Cartman's obsessive hatred of Kyle above almost all others, has called into question Cartman's deeper feeling for Kyle.He is seen with a new toy, Muscleman Marc.He also employed at least two other child soldiers, Kenny and Butters.Although initially surprised, Cartman lets out moans of pleasure, just before a fifty foot satellite dish shoots out of his rectum.In " ManBearPig his intent to sneak all of the "treasure" he found actually gave Stan, Kyle, and Kenny a head start before Al Gore flooded The Cavern of The Winds, which had probably saved them from drowning.