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Introduction to english literature pdf

introduction to english literature pdf

Danes attacked in the late 9th century and took over all north and central England.
Types of Anglo-Saxon literature.Romances, romances are stories of knights and their adventures.Kennings are compound words that are like riddles, such as subscape kick the flow bone-chamber (body) or battle-light (shining swords).the Middle English Language, for 300 years after 1066, England had French-speaking kings.A strong effort to reform the church, called the Reformation, is traditionally said to have started in Germany in 1517 when Martin Luther posted Ninety-five Theses on a door of the Wittemberg church.Alfred the Great (871-899) of the Kingdom of Wessex (West Saxons) stopped them from taking all.But the old words didnt necessarily disappear, so English ended up with lots of synonyms and near-synonyms, like kingly/royal/regal/sovereign or The Hundred Years War (1337-1454) lessened the hold of French for patriotic reasons.The most influential prose writer was Alfred the Great who translated Bede into Anglo-Saxon, encouraged the keeping of records of events (The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle) had the Bible translated into Anglo-Saxon and (Im told) invented the time candle.Alliterating words either begin with the same consonant OR begin with any vowel.And that is why there are Protestant religions today: A Catholic could define a Protestant religion as a heresy that survived.Each line is divided into two half-lines by a break or caesura.Not surprisingly, the old Anglo-Saxon language merged with a lot of Norman French to create a non-declined language with a huge mixed vocabulary.M, introduction to English Literature, anglo-saxon literature (450-1100.D.Amused, fond, satirical, bawdy at times (especially the Wife of Baths Tale).
Poetic formulas include: special poetic vocabulary fixed expressions (formula phrases such as on hranrade (on the whale-road) or on seglrade (on the sailroad) both meaning at sea.
Since Elizabeth was known as the Virgin Queen, it isnt surprising that a new royal family followed her.