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Final cut pro 10.1 update

final cut pro 10.1 update

Library properties, the inspector can show information about the selected library (also available using the new Control-Command-J shortcut).
The newest version released on December 19, 2013, version.1, includes many additions that prepare.
After releasing the software in June 2011, Final Cut Pro X received a fair bit of criticism for not including many long-standing features from Final Cut Pro 7, including support for multicam editing and XML/EDL imports/exports.Nudging clips in the timeline defaults to slide edits If you change the position of a clip in the timeline by entering relative timecode (e.g.Apple has released 10 software updates.Option to sort events by date or name within libraries list.Fine tune color for a specific color range or area of the screen using keying and masks.Bug reports Sadly no software updates are bug-free.Revolutionary Video Editing, assemble clips in the Magnetic Timeline without clip collisions or sync problems.Previewing first audition pick: Previewing third audition pick: After choosing 'Break Apart Clip Items' from the Clip menu: k lite codec pack baixaki The current (third) audtion pick is now in the main storyline and the other picks are attached to it in order.Found in the Movements transition category: Switch In the Movements transition category: Arrows From the Movements transition category.New Effects Focus Found in the Blur effects category Graduated Mask Found in the Keying effects category: Streaks Found in the Light effects category: Newsprint Found in the new Nostalgia effects category: Security Also found in the new Nostalgia effects category: Raindrops Found in the.Final Cut will search all its subfolders until it finds the missing files.In previous versions, there was no easy way to ingest footage from your cameras to any storage location outside of your Events storage location.The background rendering system works great as well and its always a joy to return to your edit and find it fully rendered after stepping away for a few minutes.Search for used or unused media in current item A hidden feature of Final Cut Pro.1 was when looking for media in the browser you can choose to find clips based on whether they are used in the current project, compound clip, synchronized.This should appear in the Mac App Store when you check for updates after installing Final Cut.1.2.New text format presets, there are many new effects, transitions, titles and generators.Final Cut lists the elements to be included in the export at the bottom of the export dialogue box: Volume control, using a pair of new commands, you can set new volume values without using the audio tab of the inspector: Then, with one.11b2 is supposed to be more compatible with XML.4.
With all the recent improvements and a very competitive price point, Final Cut Pro.1 is a force to be reckoned with in the video production industry.