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File guilty crown episode 12

file guilty crown episode 12

Yuu uses the Voids of his followers to attack Shu, lamenting on how Shu squandered his chance to restart the human race all because of Inori, described as a "doll".
When Kurosu caught Keido in his office, Keido killed Kurosu and stole his research before Haruka found her husband's body.
Art direction was daxter psp iso direct handled by Yusuke Takeda with original character designs by Redjuice and Hiromi Kat adapting the character designs for the anime.Shu sends Inori, Yahiro and the Secret Service to search for Argo, eventually finding him in the school stadium to confront him.WHO knows, maybe they'll deliver something mind blowing that'll make me end this series happily.Meanwhile, Funeral Parlor continue their fight with the group of Endlaves led by Daryl, who believes he changed because of them and wants to go back to his old self.In 2013, Keido, a college professor researching on Genomic Resonance, befriended his student Kurosu, who was interested in his research.Yes, yes, anything is possible in this show.Back in the present, Shu tries to stop alcohol abuse articles 2015 the ceremony, only to be bound by crystal-like plants controlled by Mana.Archived from the original on December 17, 2011.During the operation, Funeral Parlor distracts GHQ from guarding the dam, allowing Shu, Inori, Gai and Kenji to infiltrate the Leukocyte control system.As the students prepare and run the festival, a group of disgruntled refugees prepare to attack the school with a Humvee and an Endlave provided by Segai.Reunited with Ayase and Tsugumi at another Funeral Parlor hideout, Argo informs them about Oogumo's death.Later, Shu is approached by Souta and other weaker students, who are afraid of being left behind after finding out about this list, asking him to draw out their Voids to use for training purposes, to which he complies.As Shu and Inori leave for school the next day, Shu admits that for the first time he is glad for the power he possesses.
The second opening theme song from episode 13 to 22 is "The Everlasting Guilty Crown" by Egoist with vocals by Chelly and the second ending song from episode 13 to.
Later that night, Gai, disguised as a lawyer, visits Shu to involve him in recusing Kenji, but Shu rejects assistance.