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Excel 2010 vba copy transpose

excel 2010 vba copy transpose

Excel Developers 's adjustments, as well.
Ask Your Question, enter more details.Here is the code that I have written so far from trial and error.Open (FilePath MyFile) Analysis 'Move the close to after you do the paste 'note: You may have to make a aurora 3d presentation keygen change here: DestWB.(There are a very few situations where it's the only way to get things done, this isn't one of them.) If I've messed up your source destinations for the copy, simply reverse the Set statements so you're using them the other way.Range Transpose:True ose False MyFile Dir.Everytime I run half life 1 hacks the code I get a Run-time error '1004'.Poll Finishes.I believe the same thing is happening here.I've not used the copy/transpose function, so you may well need to include.I am trying to cut a range of data in a column (E6:E14) from Sheet1 and transposing the data before pasting the data in the next available row in Column A of Sheet2.Xlsm" Then Exit Sub End If Set SourceWB Workbooks.
I want to take and paste transpose to What is the most simple way to accomplish this?