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You need to update your DirectX 9 (even if you have later versions, DirectX10 and DirectX11, up-to-date) from here: px?HiAlgo_ReadMe: how to install and uninstall HiAlgoBoost This is the contents of HiAlgo_ReadMe.If you prefer to stay on an older version, they will be available via the "betas" tab..
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Entity framework 5 tools

entity framework 5 tools

In July, I submitted a pull request to update the vsix.
But if you try to install the extension into Visual Studio 2015, you wont find.
I wish the Tools would let me use the configuration strings already set up in my project.
There are no other compatibility problems that I have experienced.(Guess how I learned that!Find the file and change its extension to zip.Also youll see Entity Framework Power Tools listed in the installed extensions when you look at the About section of flaming cliffs serial number Visual Studio 2015.When I realized the extension was installed, I uninstalled that and indeed the tool went away.If those undocumented features concern you (or you're just uncomfortable with using beta software there's an alternative: You can use the latest version of EF's visual designer to generate your code).Select the files in the extracted folder and zip them.Erik Ejlskov Jensen, the creator of the.I have the Enterprise version but didnt bother changing it from Pro here and it didnt seem to be a problem.The problem with code-first EF development is the drudgery required to write all the code necessary to model your database.I had forgotten that I had done this for the VS2015 preview.Regardless of what version of Entity Framework (EF) you're using, if you're doing code-first development, you should be looking at Microsoft's.And copy paste one of the Visual studio elements, changing the version.0.Tldr: If you dont want to do the tasks (even though they are so easy) you can download the updated.Now just waiting for the change to show up in the VS Gallery.The fix is nothing more than making it know about VS2015.The files have to be at the root.To begin using the Power Tools, right-click on your project in Solution Explorer, select Entity Framework Reverse Engineer Code First and you'll get the standard dialog for connecting to a database.Vsix I created from here.If Visual Studio was open, youll have to restart to get this to kick.