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Dual boot windows 7 and ubuntu 12.04 no grub

dual boot windows 7 and ubuntu 12.04 no grub

When dual-booting Windows 7 and a solomons volume 1 pdf Linux distribution on a computer with one hard drive, the game fifa 13 ios best option is to have Windows 7s boot manager be the primary boot manager.
It does not matter which option you choose, but booting into the Live Desktop and starting the installation from there seems to be a very good choice.
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Clicking, continue from the previous step will land you here.Linux's grub2 boot loader menu will boot either Linux Ubuntu.04 or Windows 7 and the original MBR is unchanged.Run Ubuntu's GParted utility to mark the EXT4 partition as Active.The recommended partition scheme that will work better with the system you are about to install will have at least three partitions.The system used for this tutorial has about 324 GB of disk space.Then you may choose to boot into Windows 7 or Ubuntu.04.Swap space, i think what you need to do should be pretty clear now.The rest will be used for Ubuntu.Note: If have free unallocated space on the hard drive, you do not have to go through this partition resizing process.Gummiboot, which is a text-only boot manager.To resize the partition, select it and click the Change button.Use GParted to Resize the Windows 8, 7 or Vista Partition to learn how.Only Windows boots for now.
Also, certain anti-virus programs have been known to mess with the contents of the MBR, so installing grub in another location will ease the maintenance headache associated with your system.
The main partition is usually a primary partition and the Swap, a logical partition.